Our pricing is the same for all of our maintenance services.

You pay for the time and decide how it’s used!

Pricing per hour is for TWO Scrubbers and we provide the supplies.

For the first hour the price is $ 55.00

1.5 hours is $ 82.50

If you need two or more hours the hourly rate drops to $ 52.50 per hour.

For two hours the price would be $ 105.00

Three hours would be $ 157.50

So whether you want us to come scrub the toilets, fold clothes, organize a closet, or clean some windows, the pricing is the same!

Move in/out Pricing

Move in/out Pricing is determined by sqft of home to be cleaned. We offer 3 different packages.

Option 1 is $.10 per sqft, Option 2 is $.12 per sqft, and Option 3 is $.16 per sqft.